1983 Pac-Man Cereal

Pac-Man Cereal hit the shelves in 1983, trying to ride the huge wave of success the arcade game was experiencing. The cereal was a “crunchy sweetened corn cereal with marshmallow bits”, featuring mashmallows shaped like Pac-Man and the ghost characters – Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.

Later they did special editions with Ms. Pac-Man marshmallows (which had a “a shocking pink bow”) and Super Pac-Man marshmallows which I believe were tie ins with the cartoon.

From what I can find online, the cereal was said to taste like an extra-sugary version of Kix Cereal with marshmallows.

Check out the original commercials:

You can do it! You can do the Pac-Man!

And the Mrs. Pac-Man version:

Sealed Nintendo cereal can fetch upwards of $150.00, and in Febuary, one even broke $200.00. With that in mind, the current price on this auction is a steal ($99.00 and no bids).

Cereal Here

If that’s too expensive for you, than how about an unfolded 1993 Applejacks box with Free Zelda Strategy Map Inside?


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