1989 Zelda 2 – Nintendo Fruit Snacks

I was told by a couple of Zelda collectors that this is an extreme rarity. Even the auction itself claims that there have only been two more of these on eBay since 2008.They also state that the last one sold for $250.

It’s one of the many examples of 1990’s licensing, where Nintendo pimped their franchises out to anyone with enough cash. Thomas J. Lipton Co. marketed these Nintendo Real Fruit Snacks and this example, was made to resemble the Zelda 2 NES release.

The snacks are probably most well know these days for their promotions at Nintendo events in the 90’s.

Attendees were given the chance to make their own ‘music video’ for a pre-made rap song. This may be the greatest video I have ever seen on the Internet.

Appears to have sold for $375.00. (Thanks Mark!)

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