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1991 Nintendo Promotional Media Kit Rare

I was actually hoping that I would win this auction, but the price went far beyond what I was willing to pay and actually more than I expected it to.

Thanks for looking at my auctions. In an effort to provide transparency, all of the items I offer have been obtained from directly from professionals in the film and toy industries. Under no circumstances have any of the items I have originated from other collectors, dealers or auction houses. Each item has been obtained directly from the industry professional that worked on the particular example offered. If you have any questions regarding such, please contact me.

This auction includes an original vintage Nintendo Media Kit. This item was created to promote the Nintendo line in 1991 and includes many black and white photos of Nintendo products including bio’s on company employees. This example was never distributed and is in perfect condition. Approximately 75-100 pages. Very rare, original media kits from the early Nintendo line never surface on the collecting market making this example perfect for the collector. Amazing display within any serious collection.



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