Sport Rarities

Sport titles. The most common, the less sought after kind of collectible a gamer looks for.
Today I’ve tried to find something sport related cool enough to be worth adding to our collections.

Chelsea Commodore 1991-1993 shirt


This one was my favourite. But I’ve found more football memorabilia, like those Italian Fiorentina Nintendo 1994-1995 shirt & shorts and lots of Arsenal Sega shirts from all ages.

Barry Bonds 73 HR Sega Sports Bat

Hit the BIN!!!! Hit the BIN!!!!

Other sport related rarities:
NINTENDO 64 Ken Griffey Slugfest baseball hat
Animal autographed NES WCW Wrestling
Turbografx 16 TV Sports Football Promotional Coffee Mug

Then, the usual rarity list:
Donkey Kong Country Competition Cartridge &original box
PSX Ridge Racer V 5 Promotional Coffee Mug Cup
N-GAGE 10 DEV games, blank demo disks
N-gage QD Demo Units
N-Gage Kiosk
Dragon’s Lair Cel + Master BG Deleted Scene
Comic book art Marvel Zelda
Maple Bus – Saturn Game Controller Convert Box for early prototyping of the Dreamcast

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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