Sealed Adult Atari 2600 Games

There is a seller that currently has a couple of NOS Atari VCS 2600 Adult titles. They’re double ender, 2-in-1 Playaround packages, and available are Burning Desire / Bachelorette and Gigolo / Bachelor Party. He also has Beat ‘Em & Eat ‘Em, and Lady in Wading which is not sealed, but absolute dead mint. Apparently they are UR PAL versions which are not listed on Atari Age, no idea if that makes them less or more rare.

The games are from the company Playaround, which was formed from the ashes of Mystique, the first 2600 adult videogame company. Playaround purchased the rights to Mystique’s titles and released them as “double-enders” – extra-long cartridges that had a different game on each end. Playaround released additional titles unique from those picked up from Mystique, and made female versions of several of their games to try to tap into another market. It didn’t work very well. While the games’ themes may be considered adult, the graphics are quite blocky and generally poor enough that it takes quite an imagination to see them as anything more than a novelty.

Atari 2600 Playaround Beat em & Eat em - Lady Wading


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