A Couple Promo Items

This post has the worst title ever, but there`s no real headliner here. Some decent stuff though, but there is some REALLY nice stuff I need to post tomorrow.

1992 Super Mario Bros Wall Clock Thanks ShovelThumb!

Mario Pouch Purse

Sealed Red Dead Redemption Launch Promo Kit
– Not the massive box. This one includes a pair of dice, cards, and soap.

Metal Gear Solid Promo Kit – Seller`s not sure which game it was for, figures maybe for the third. It includes a branded pouch, binoculars, compass, and swiss army knife.

DJ Shadow 4 Track DJ Hero 12″ Vinyl Record – 12″ Vinyl Record released as a promo with the DJ Hero game. In its original black sleeve with DJ Shadow-DJ Hero avatar sticker affixed. Authentic official release from the DJ Shadow webstore.


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