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A dude walks in to a walmart with a Madden itch

This ballsy dude came to a Walmart in FloridaƂ and was caught on video hiding the games in his purse (thats what it looks like to me – maybe its a picnic basket? not sure). The police only released this video although the report says that the suspect went into the hardware section and pried open all the madden 2012 game cases to take just the disc and leave the case that has a security sensor in it. He stole 54 copies of the game! It’s crazy to think that Walmart did nothing to prevent it while the crime was being held in the store. But what do you do, loss prevention needs a break. I used to work in retail store, i know how it works.

This guy will get caught. It’s hard to let go of those games one by one, so he’s gotta unload it all at once. It’s only a matter of time until hes caught. So.. What do you think this guy will do?

a) Sell all of it to a gamestop

b) Sell it to a pawnshop

c) Sell it on Amazon or Ebay

d) Send it to VGA for grading, then sell it.

e) All of the above

via Kotaku


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