Agent X Arcade Machine – Screen Used In The Movie Cloak & Dagger

This is definitely what I call a one of a kind item.

This beautiful machine belongs in a museum in my opinion. This a movie prop from the 1984 movie, Cloak & Dagger starring Henry Thomas, Dabney Coleman and Hal Osborne. The movie was based around the Atari 5200 version of this game, called Cloak & Dagger. The game didn’t exist for the 5200 in real life, it only existed as an arcade machine, which was originally called Agent X. They used this very machine to film the gameplay scenes for the movie. The programmer of the game, Rusty Dawe, played the game for the filming of the movie. His high scores are still on the machine. He autographed the control panel. The cabinet itself makes an appearance in the movie at 0:05:54 in.

This is a fully working machine in amazing condition. Not only is it a one of a kind item in nice shape, but Atari only ever made 20 dedicated Cloak & Dagger machines. The rest were sold as kits to convert other games and only had mono sound. This machine has stereo sound. This machine is serial number UR00001.

The biggest condition issue is that the Atari logo under the marquee is a placeholder inkjet print that I put there while waiting to install the new artwork I had coming in the mail. I received the artwork but I never had a chance to properly install it. It will be included with the sale. There is no back door. The original key, operators manuals, a flyer, and the DVD release of Cloak & Dagger featuring this machine are also included in the sale.

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