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Arcade Weekends

For many video game collectors, there is no item more desirable, no monolith more awe-inspiring to a man-cave, than their own authentic arcade machine. Just in time for Mother’s Day shopping season, it’s another edition of Arcade Weekends!

All of today’s entries come from the same seller, located in Rhode Island:

1999 Hydro Thunder unit. $775 BIN, but $650 with no bids and ends soon.

Star Trek Voyager Enclosed-Cabinet Shooting Gallery $589 BIN, but no bids at $450 and ends soon.

Probably expired by the time you read this: Nintendo Super System (3 SNES games in a cabinet on timed play)

 Crazy Taxi! Sit-down unit, BIN at $671, but no bids at $574 and ends soon.

“Merit Megatouch” Countertop 6-Game Unit with Touch-Screen Pretty unique as far as arcade machines go. No bids, and small enough to ship cheap.

The House of the Dead 2-Player $695 BIN, but ends soon with no bids at $595.

Off-Road Challenge Upright $600 BIN, but (you know by now) at $495.

Street Fighter II with weird makeshift cabinet (“Streetfighter Champ II” pasted over the old logo). Cheap at $375.

Written by Torque Smacky

Other things I've done, written and pooped out can be found in one place: I am also the founder and editor of BANG! The Entertainment Paper, a Portland publication spotlighting creative talent.

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