Original Video Game Soundtrack CDs

For this post  I would like to share with you the other side of gaming we all know and love; the music.  Sure, you can listen to these on YouTube or while playing the games, but what I’m posting today are original and official release CDs from the 80’s and 90’s, making them interesting pieces for collectors, gamers, and music lovers alike. Without further ado, here’s some original soundtrack CDs:



“Tecmo 1” Soundtrack CD – Released in 1989, it features over 48 songs from Ninja Gaiden and other games

SNES Play It Loud Soundtrack CD – Featuring music from Super Metroid, A Link to the Past, Star Fox, F-Zero, etc

.Beep Mega Drive Best Selection soundtrack CD – 1991 CD featuring music from Shinobi, Phantasy Star and more.

Infected PSP Soundtrack CD + Giant Hand promo sticker – I believe this was a preorder bonus item.  Fun PSP game with a heavy metal soundtrack.

Grim Fandango Original Soundtrack CD

Castlevania Curse of Darkness LE sampler CD – Preorder bonus item

Akumajo Dracula/Castlevania NES soundtrack CD japan import – 1990 original release

Raystorm Zuntata soundtrack CD – Original CD from 1996

Chrono Trigger Orchestra Soundtrack CD – Newer release 2008 given away with preorders of the DS release

Street Fighter II Rap Album – Enough said…

Mega Man/Rock Man 1-6 Original Soundtrack collection CDs

Art of Fighting Neo Geo soundtrack CD

Y’s I & II Musical Selections CD

Electrace Pulseman Soundtrack CD Sega Genesis – Rare CD from 1994

Shining Force Symphonic Suite – 1994 original CD

Sonic Team Power Play CD – Featuring music from Sonic CD and more, cool artwork on back, 1998

Radiant Silvergun OST






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