Asian Specs Megadrive

Asian specs megadrive stuff was distributed mainly in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia.
Many games had specific packaging which I always found interesting to collect, but since most seller don’t advertise them as “asian”, they are pretty hard to come by.
Note that you’ll find mostly NOS stuff, probably because the games were distributed in countries where people didn’t have much money. Some of the games can also be found on european ebay: I remember we had at least one of those as kids, I suppose the games had some kind of distribution in our countries to.

Brand new Sega megadrive 2
I like that green package. Some games were released with the same kind of packaging: bomberman, batman and robin, sonic and knuckles, mega games 10 (which is an exclusive asian release)

Sonic the hedgehog 3
This seller as a nice bulk of those games in NOS condition

The Ottifants

Asian specs Megadrive 1
Nice little system, region free (but most of the time runs in 50Hz…). The box is identical to the japanese one except for the “for sale in asia except Japan and Korea” on the front cover.

Street fighter II’

Sonic the hedgehog 2

World of illusion
I remember this one was distrbuted in French shops. Weird.

Jurassic Park
WyWy (sticker on the cover) is the name of the Thaï megadrive distributor.

Sega 32x
Rather interesting: the 32x also had a specific packaging and furthermore, many games were released there. I know the mega-cd was also available but never saw a specific packaging, although I’m pretty sure it exists.

Indiana Jones and the instrument of chaos
This game is, in my opinion, one of the two most interesting asian games. You can play it on a japanese system withouth any problem so it was made widely available in Japan (since the game wasn’t released other there). The other game is it’s counterpart: Golden Axe 3 which wasn’t released in Europe but you can play on a pal system thanks to the asian release.

If you want to know more about those games, Guardiana has a good list of them (needs to be completed though)

Megadrive Games

32X Games

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