Asmik NES-Era CES Press Kit Cosmic Epsilon


Here we have a press kit from CES featuring flyers and promo stickers from Asmik.  This kit includes flyers for an unreleased game called Cosmic Epsilon, which never saw a release in North America.


Asmik NES-Era Press Kit CES



Sunsoft Unreleased game system stickers CES U-four-ia 

Atari 2600 Sorcerer prototype lab loaner cart

Famicom Gold Punchout

Stack Up Box and Rob Accessories

Bubble Bath Babes panesian cart only

Power Glove with Case

Atari 2600 Gameline Modem CIB

Cheetahmen II cart and sleeve only

Final Fantasy VIII 8 promo cloth map sealed

 Nintendo World Championships NWC Toys R Us Champion sticker unused

Nintendo World Championships NWC Power Player patch

Star Fox Super Weekend Jacket

Sunsoft Game Time Newsletter lot – 7 Issues






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