Atari 2600 BMX Airmaster Atari Version

I`m not sure what these normally fetch, as one hasn`t sold in quite sometime.

AtariAge has this listed as a R10, the highest possible value on their rarity scale. Atari purchased the rights to this game from TNT at one point, and released a small quantity under their own label. Very hard to find, as not many were produced and even fewer were ever sold. Looks legit, but I am NOT a 2600 guy. Do your research. Low feedback seller too.

Auction Here – $800 BIN OBO


Atari 2600 Hero Patch & Letter – Up for bid is an Activision HERO game patch and high score letter in like new condition. It was mailed to me in the 1980s. Auction includes Order of the H.E.R.O. patch, the original letter from Activision, and Activison game catalog. The patch has never been used or worn and still has the heat seal instructions on the reverse side.
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