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Atari Field Service Repair Manuals

There’s a seller with a ton of Atari Field Service Manuals ending today.

Atari 2600 Field Service Repair Manual

Atari 5200 Field Service Repair Manual
Field Service Lot – Includes:
1027 Printer
1010 Cassette Recorder
600XL Computer
1200XL Computer
1050 Disk Drive
1025 Printer
1020 Color Printer
835 Modem
CX55 Adapter
CX22 Trackball
Atari Service Repair Center Policies / Procedures Manual
Atari 400 800 Field Service Repair Manual
Atari 410 and 810 800 Field Service Repair Manuals

They have other nice stuff too:

Atari Home Computer Retail Sales Manual
Atari Service Repair Diagnostic Controller Jumper Board
Yoko Game copier for Atari 2600
Colecovision Kevtris #24 of 100

Most is this is very cheap with eight hours to go.

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