Atari Wall Decals

Have a boring white wall that has nothing on it? ThinkGeek is offering these really cool Atari Wall Decals. The decals can be placed anywhere you want which is pretty cool. I’ve seen some of the Nintendo ones at Nintendo World but they’re not as big as these. They currently have Pong, Centipede and Asteroid.


  • Asteroids
    • 65 Re-stickable decals
    • Various size asteroids, ships, explosions, lasers and text
    • 4″ to 20″ in diameter
    • Black on clear
  • Centipede
    • 97 Re-stickable decals
    • 4″ Centipede segments
    • Various sized mushrooms
    • Various gameplay and text decals
  • Pong
    • 50 vinyl decals
    • 30 2″ high center decals
    • 10 12″ high numbers
    • 4 6″ paddles
    • Not designed to be movable once placed

They cost about $44.99 each except for Pong ($34.99). U.S. residents can save 6.3% cashback by signing up for BigCrumbs.

Other deals: Space Invaders Tape for $4.79

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