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With only one more day left in August, that means something is creeping up on us… Back To School Season. Whether it means you need to get the kids prepared or you need to get yourself ready, it generally affects most people. Summer is over and Christmas (dear god), is on it’s way.

So, what do we need for school?

Notebooks of course!

My personal favorite is this set of thee Nintendo Exercise books – Peach, Link and Mario.

mario peach link zedla nintendo notebook

What else? Pencils, we defiantly need pencils. Nobody does pencils like the Chinese, so let’s go straight to Hong Kong for these. Let’s Choose from Mario, Rockman (aka Mega Man) another Rockman, or even another Rockman design.

pencils mario 64 pencils rockman 2 pencils rockman 3 pencils rockman

We should probably get some pens while we’re at it too. You can’t go wrong with these Sonic: The Hedgehog Gel Pens (this is actually a great buy at $0.99 for a NIB 2000 set in my mind). I guarantee every girl in your class will want to borrow these. If it’s too girly, then I suggest the light up Halo Pen from the San Deigo Comic Con 08. Everyone knows real manly men play Halo. So much so, that the pen probably promotes the growth of chest hair while being kept in you pocket protector.

sonic adventure gel pens led halo pen

We need somewhere to keep our pens and pencils too. While I am tempted to recommend a Webkinz pencil case (What? Webkinz are a video game!), I have a feeling it might cause us to lose some readership. Instead I will recommend this Mario Kart 64 Pencil Case. For a softer touch, you might want to consider the Baby Mario Case or even the Plush Pikachu Case.

pencil case mario 64 pencil case baby mario pencil case pikacu pokemon nintendo

I think we’re set for our school work, but we’re forgetting something extremely important. Lunch. Lunch is the most important part of the school day. You can’t fill your brain on an empty belly my mother always said.

We could go with a DS Starter Kit Lunchbox, but every kid on the block has one of those, being available at Wal-Mart and all. We need something a little more unique. We’ve got some nice options too. Street Fighter 2, Pac-Man and even Dragons Lair. Since MMORPGS are all the rage these days though, I think we should show off how hardcore we are by rocking an Everquest II Promo Lunchbox.

lunch box street fighter 2 lunchbox pac man lunch box dragons lair lunch box everquest two

Last but definitely not least we need something to lug all that junk in. I have two preferences, either the Halo 3 Backback or the Legend Of Zelda Backpack. For the truely hardcore though, I’d go with the XBOX 360 Backpack / Carrying Case. You never know when it might be useful to have your 360 around.

halo 3 backpacklegend of zelda backbackxbox 360 backback


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