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Bioshock 2 Worley Winery Wine Bottle

Back in 2009, developer 2K Marin did a worldwide viral marketing campaign for its then forthcoming game Bioshock 2. As part of the marketing campaign, fans and members of the press eventually found themselves in a scavenger hunt of sorts. Participants learned that they would find interesting Bioshock-related items at 10 specific beaches across the globe.

What they found at each location was dozens of wine bottles that had supposedly washed up shore from the fictitious submerged world of Rapture (which is the game’s setting.) There was no actual wine in the bottles though. Instead, each bottle contained 3 mini Bioshock-related posters, one of which is double-sided.

At the time, dozens of the bottles found their way to the marketplace and routinely sold for between $150 to $200. Since then however they’ve seldom shown up for sale.

Today one of these bottles has become available. It’s the only one that’s currently listed and there hasn’t been one available for quite some time except for another last week (which sold for $140).

In the past Bioshock collectors have been known to shell out top dollar for other related items (like the Bioshock Developer’s Edition art book, promotional Splicer masks, and the Bioshock Infinite Murder of Crows bottle).

The bottle can be found here.

Pictures of Bioshock 2 Worley Winery Wine Bottle:

Thanks to zachmonky1’s flickr account for the beach pictures.

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