Blizzcon 2007 World Of Warcraft Murloc Suit

As you may have known, Blizzards Blizzcon happened just a few days ago. You might also remember me posting about the in game Murloc pet that was given away at the 2005 conventions, and the extraordinary amount it now fetches at auction.

Well, this year they have the Blizzcon 2007 Murloc Suit. That auction also includes the 2007 swag bag, which includes a ton of goodies. Such as:

1x Blizzcon bag that the goodies came in!
1x XL World of Warcraft T-shirt (made by JINX)
1x WOW Heroes of Azeroth Starter Deck for the card game (comes with 3 epics)
1x WOW comic sneak peak
1x Package of Blizzcon coasters
1x Large adhisive Blizzard sticker thing with images of toons from: Diablo, Starcraft and WOW
1x WOW Character sheet magnet
1x Starcraft magnet
1x JINX logo temporary tatoo
1x WOW Bookmark
5x Buttons (Blizzard, Diablo, Starcraft, 2xWOW)
1x Epic Armor Pack for WOW the board game
1x Giftcard to (Value unknown until you go to the webpage and enter a code)
1x Metal Blizzcon Coin
1x Bottle of hand sanitizer with custom Blizzard holder and keychain hook

And LASTLY: A Beta Key!

The seller says the key is for the upcoming WOW expansion, but I thought what the key was for was unannounced, and might be for said expansion (The Lich King). You may want to check before bidding. In my mind, the key is only a bonus.

The suit however, that`s an investment.

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