Competition prize – Demo units! 50,000 USD for a VCS cart!

Atlantis II Atari 2600 prize

Ok, I knew that only 10 of these were officially given to the top 10 players of the country.
In 1982 Imagic made a competition: Defend Atlantis Contest. The winners received the Atlantis II cart (the one I saw was an Atlantis with a white label on it that reads Atlantis II), letters and a snorkeling kit.
Now, the seller states that this is cart n°12 of 11. Someone with more knowledge than me should add some comments!
Btw, the last, official one, was on eBay for much much more (1,750,000 USD and it didn’t sell-I wonder why-).


Nintendo stuff

NES M82 demo unit



An Atari promo item, cheap. And ET is not really that bad. It’s just difficult to understand. That’s it. I like it. Really.

E.T. Atari Game Video Store Display Mobile 1982

I like you.

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