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Complete SNES Collection For Sale

Well, not really complete. It’s missing both International Superstar Soccer and Mountain Bike Rally/Speed Racer. Both can be had relatively easily if you have the money, so it wouldn’t be too hard to finish off.

It does however, have a lot of extras like a Miracle Piano and 689 unique instruction manuals.

The history and selling reason behind the collection is actually pretty interesting. The seller states:

I started this collection for my grandchildren, (we have 9, and 1 on the way)!  I came across a fishing camp for sale (which is my dream) on Pearl River, unselfishly I asked the grandkid’s that are old enough to decide for me as I would have to sell the SNES collection to pay for it. Unselfishly, my grandkid’s decided to go fishing with PAW-PAW!!!

A Fishing Lodge is pretty damn nifty (for those who like to fish – not my cup of tea) so I can see what he’s getting at. Either way, this is one hardcore Grandpa.

I do wish he had some shots of the whole collection though, as it would surely help it to sell.

snes collection

$13,500 Starting bid and a $16,800 BIN.

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