Crazy Xmas, Halo bronze statue & Nike GT4 shoes

I was browsing trough the most expensive games-related items and I’ve noticed that the highest priced ones are Wii. It’s wonderful how people try to ride Xmas hype to gain huge amounts of money.
Here you have some examples.
This Lucky Wii, feauterd everywhere, is priced at 1,234,567.89 USD. Why should you buy this one? Symple! As the seller states, you will get an huge amount of attention. The seller isn’t making any donation…it looks like he will keep all the money. And he has made a second auction, with no reserve, for the “same” Wii. I feel sad for the mankind.

Then we have a Wii delivered by Santa and 10% to charity. So, the bidding starts at 100k, the BIN is set at 250. He will keep 90% but he will come to your house dressed like Santa (I doubt he’s the real one) with an Elf, and give some money to charity…
Please, if you want to donate for charity, donate directly…

What about a 5.5 millions Wii, just to set a new waste-of-money-record?

But my favourite is this Nentido wii. Just check picture & description.

So symple, so perfect. And cheap, just 1K!

Let’s move on to something quite interesting:

Just 1000 made, and a very nice metal case!

If you’re looking for more Nike Shoes check out this page about Nike Dunks.

Here we have some heavy Halo items: a Master Chief bronze statue and…another one!

His legs have something wrong. Good job anyway!

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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