New Countdown Till Christmas Prizes

Alright, the contest is starting today.

I’ll have a post with all the prizes up in a few hours, as well as I’ll be making the first contest post.

First though, there are a few more prizes to announce.

The GoatStore has graciously donated two copies of Feet Of Fury for the Dreamcast, two Earthworm Jim Action Figures (exclusive mail-away offer in the mid-90’s) and a 9″ Donkey Kong plush.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Goat Store, than you should definitely check them out. They carry all types of retro games and promo items, including one of the best selections of used Dreamcast Games I’ve seen in an online store. They’re also the company responsible for bring us collectors all types of new retro games for the Dreamcast! Aside from the amazing Feet of Fury title which I mentioned, they have several other games, including my all time favorite Dreamcast title, Cool Herders. It’s a game about sheep, what more could you want? It’s set to release on the DS well!

Next we also have a prize of a whopping ten Extreme Flash Advance 256Mbit LC, GBA flash cartridges. These game boy advance flash carts have been donated by These babies are perfect for running your favorite NES games through emulation, or booting up some of the nets best homebrew games. TotalGBA also carries a full line of other GBA and DS Flash Carts as well as flash memory. Hands down there the best company in Europe for such products. With shipping centers in the UK, Spain and Sweden, they get their product to you fast. Still time to get one as a Christmas gift if you order soon!

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