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Complete Prize List & Contest Details

Alright, day one is here.

Here’s what we have up for grabs over the next seven days.

Lots of great stuff there, and I’m sure there’s something there for everyone. Anything I’m shipping out, I’ll make sure I throw in a few extra bonuses as well.

You may notice that a previously announced prize has been removed. This may be added back in, I’m just having trouble confirming with the donator. There is also at least one more prize that I need to work the details out for, and will be added in at some point this week.

The Rules

So, how do you win? That depends on the day. Each day is going to have some sort of different task ranging from easy to super hard. Some days there will be more than one task, as well as more than one prize.

The daily entry will be posted at a different time each day. I realize we have a rather global audience, so I want to mix the posting time up to make it a bit fairer. Some may involve a random draw from correct entires, where others may just be the first correct entry.

Depending on the task the prize may be awarded the same day, or the following.

There you have it. Simple eh?

Just keep checking back multiples times each to for your best chance to win. Day one prizes, as well as how to enter will be posted later this evening..


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