Custom Cartridge & End Labels

Ever been irritated by the lack of end labels on your N64, Jaguar or 32x cartridges?

Fear no longer, as someone is now selling a custom sticker solution. Apparently these are of high quality, printed on 3M Vinyl (not paper stickers) with a UV Lamination and computer die cut.

He`s had auctions on CTCW for the Jaguar Set and has both an AA thread and a DP thread. There`s also a NA thread for a complete N64 set.

Price varies, End Labels are $3 each (minimum 2) shipped, a 32x Full Set (32 end labels) is $20 shipped a N64 Full Set (289 end labels) is $100 shipped and a Jaguar Full Set (67 end labels) is $40 shipped.

He also does custom labels and inserts.


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