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Custom Video Game Mighty Muggs

You may remember we told you about the Custom Halo Mighty Mugg awhile back?

Well, modders have been hard at work and there are now tons of custom video game Mighty Muggs out there.

Custom Metal Gear Solid Snake

custom mighty mugg metal gear solid snake 

Super Mario

super mario bros custom mighty mugg super mario bros custom mighty mugg 3

Super Mario, Luigi, Goomba and Bowser.

super mario bros custom mighty mugg set 

Legend Of Zelda Link

custom mighty mugg legend of zelda

God Of War Kratos (Sold for $49.99)

custom mighty mugg kratos god of war

Metroid Samus Aran (Sold for $151.01)


Parappa The Rapper

custom mighty mugg parapa the rappa 

Gears of War Marcus

custom mighty muggs gears of war 

Not bad eh? Personally, I want to see a Megaman as I feel he would fit right in with the Muggs style.

For more Custom Mighty Muggs check out the Custom Mighty Muggs Blog. They also have a Mighty Muggs Forum going, with a contest where you can win over $250.00 in Muggs related prizes. Easy to enter too.


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