Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition (360)


So here’s a copy of Dead Space: Ultra Edition for the Xbox 360. It even came in the box that it shipped on! The game is inside the case, which is inside a large box that holds everything together while another box holds everything that holds everything together. Whew.. I’m sure some of you have seen it before but for those who haven’t, look at it now before it disappears like this one. There’s was a copy last week that doesn’t even come with the game. It’s still a nice thing to look at.

If you feel like you were left out, heres a Final Fantasy Spirits Within Tissue Box. Columbia Pictures probably predicted you’d cry coming out ofĂ‚ the movie theater after watching it so they created these promotional tissues just in case – just a theory by the way. Who would have thought that Square-Enix would buy Eidos more than 10 years later? Here’s an old testament for old times sake, a Final Fantasy VII PC T-Shirt (Eidos)

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