Dino Crisis 1999 Press CD Kit & Breath of Fire 3 Cigar Box

I was tempted to buy the press kit, but I’m trying really, really hard not to buy any promo items anymore. The cd is handwritten and include a couple images along with a word document. Opening bid is under $10.00.

Auction Here

The cigar box is pretty self explanitory.

Seller has some cool other items as well.


George Foreman’s Knock Out Boxing Prototype / Mockup Boxes – This is from a seller who we saw auction off a lot of cool stuff over the part year. He slacked off with postings for awhile, but again has a lot of cool stuff listed.
Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Star Odyssey Homebrew – Is someone really going to pay this price? *SIGH*
Xbox 360 Wall Mount / Counter Top Kiosk

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