Donkey Kong/Mario Animators Model Sheets for Hanna Barbera

Well, this is my first contribution to gameSniped, so I hope you enjoy! I look for odd-ball game items, maybe not always the most expensive, but hardcore cool odds and ends that you might not know about. Ones that would be awesome in any collection! Hope you enjoy:

This is a nice set of animators model sheets that consist of Mario, Donkey Kong, and Pauline for the Donkey Kong animated show in the early 80’s! I love the way Mario has evolved over the years!

Up for auction is a set of animator’s model sheets from Ruby-Spears’ classic series, “Donkey Kong,” which was based on the arcade game from Nintendo of America. (Model Sheets are the reference guides that animators used to keep the look of the characters consistent. They contain various views and/or expressions to help the animators draw the characters. ) Ruby-Spears was Hanna-Barbera’s sister company, formed by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears in 1978.

About The Show:
In 1983, the animation studio Ruby-Spears produced a Donkey Kong cartoon (as well as Donkey Kong Jr) for the “Saturday Supercade” program on CBS. In the show, mystery crime-solving plots in the mode of Scooby Doo are framed around the premise of Mario and Pauline chasing Donkey Kong, who has escaped from the circus. The show lasted two seasons.

Here’s what you get: A separate sheet of character art for every single character that appeared weekly on the series! There are 11 separate model sheets featuring instructions on drawing the characters, pose suggestions, and more, for the following characters: Donkey Kong, Mario, Pauline, barrels, Mrio’s Circus Van, as well as a Size Comparison sheet, and more!!! As a BONUS you will receive FOUR full-color photos featuring the series characters !! The model sheets measure 8-1/2″ X 11″ and are printed on durable card stock! All photos are printed directly from the vintage Studio transparencies using traditional photographic process. They are NOT computer print-outs. Items such as these are quite rare, as they were NEVER available in stores. If you’re a fan of Ruby-Spears or the Hanna-Barbera Studios, this item is for you! I am selling off many different model packs from various classic Hanna-Barbera series this week !



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