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Playstation PS1 Development Hardware

Basically up for grabs is the development environment to create your own PlayStation games. The Net Yaroze only really allowed you to to code games to fit inside the paltry 2Mb of system RAM. With this kit, the right set up and mindset you could possibly create something much more wonderful!

These particular boards were originally the property of Probe Entertainment, which later became Acclaim Cheltenham, which eventually went bust. These very boards could have been used by the developer for the programming and debugging of titles such as Alien Trilogy, Bubble Bobble, Die Hard Trilogy, Forsaken, Hexen, Primal Rage, or even X-Men: Children of the Atom! Own a piece of gaming history today!

You should bear in mind is that the following kit originally cost $18,000 USD + Tax + Shipping + a PC/monitor to use them with!

Included in this auction are:

1x DTL-H2000 & CPU2 board
1x Board link Cable
1x Special AV cable for use with the boards
1x SCPH-1010 controller with serial connector for use with the boards
1x SCPH-1080 controller with serial connector for use with the boards
1x DTL-H2010 External CD-ROM
1x External CD-ROM to Board cable

Please note I have not managed to test this item due to me only having a laptop. I do have the use of another laptop with a docking station which has the two required ISA slots, however I got tired of waiting for the laptop’s 166Mhz CPU to get anything done. The software and manuals to make use of these boards are abandonware and as such is freely available on the internet.

Auction Here
(Thanks LeGIt!)

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