Nintendo M82 Store Display Demo Kiosk with Arcade-style Cabinet

This is downright sexy.

For those who aren’t familiar with the M82, it was an in-store demo system used by Nintendo to let people try out games. The cool thing about this is that it has 12 cartridge slots, so the store could have 12 different games loaded in their demo machine – customers could cycle through the different games without needing to have them removed and replaced with a new game. There was also a timer built in to it to keep kids from hogging the machine all day.

The M82 by itself is pretty difficult to come by, but the cabinet that goes with it almost never shows up. The seller thinks they only know of about three or four of these in collectors hands anywhere, and this is the first one up for sale since I bought they about five years ago.

Auction Here


Sealed case of F-Zero for the Super Nintendo – This case is how retailers would have received their copies of the game back in the day, and this one somehow managed to escape ever being opened throughout the years. Inside are six sealed copies of F-Zero.
Xbox 360 Saints Row 2 Collector’s Limited Edition PAL & NTSC – Whay have one regions, when you can have two?
Wii Zelda Twilight Princess LIMITED Edition COIN – Not sure where this came from. I know a simialr one came from Comic Con 2005.
Pac Man Wavers Display Box – This is 1982 display box of Pac man wavers. The idea was to stick them to your car window. There are 19 wavers in the box. Each waver is 6 1/2″ long.
NIV Bible & the 20 Lost Levels of Joshua (Game Boy) Sealed – Again. The religious games are coming out with the recent sale.
SNES Japanese Rendering Ranger R2 – It happens to be one of the most rare games ever released for the system, with a total production run of a few thousand copies at most. Copies show up every now and then on eBay, and fetch well over $100 US each. This game also happens to be developed by Manfred Trenz, who created the excellent Turrican series.
SK-1100 Sega keyboard for SG 1000 series – This is a rare keyboard attachement for the SG-1000, a Japanese only game system released by Sega in the early 80s.
SEGA DREAMCAST PARTNER EDITION AND J.LEAGUE EDITION – Two for one limited edition Dreamcast systems.
Sega Dremcast KARAOKE ADD-ON – Developed as a Karaoke add-on for the Dreamcast by Sega and released only in Japan. It included a Microphone and a pass-through for the modem. It would download Karaoke songs onto the system to be played; however, it could not save any songs so you had to re-download the songs if you wanted to play them again. The servers for the system went offline in 2006.


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