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Unreleased Sega Pluto System

While you may have heard of the unreleased Sega Neptune, a Mega Drive and 32X combined into one, the Sega Pluto is an almost unheard of system.

The console is a Sega Saturn in hardware and software, but also includes a built-in NetLink 28.8k dial-up modem for Internet connectivity and online multiplayer.

There are only two Pluto models in existence with one ex-Sega employee recently stepping forward to showcase a working prototype.

The console itself is very heavy, and the logo still says Saturn, meaning the Pluto codename was simply that, a codename. The shell of the device was redesigned, with a flip-top lid on the optical drive instead of the pushbutton mechanism with the Saturn.

Since the first was posted, another person has stepped forward with the second Pluto. The crazy thing is that is was picked up around five or six years ago at a flea market for just a $1.00. The system works, but the lid is broken and won’t stay shut on its own.

Now, it’s available for auction in GameGavel.


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