EverDrive64 (Deluxe Edition) “Sulley” Developer Cart

The Everdrive 64 allows you to run ROM images on your N64, which means you could potentially have every single N64 game on one cartridge – or 99% actually with compatibility issues. Awhile ago, Stone Age Gamer did a couple one off color carts as part of a contest on their FB page. The winner of this cart declined it for store credit.

Since this was originally intended to by given away they are donating 50% of the final price to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.

The winner of this EverDrive64 gets:

One-of-a-kind Turquoise EverDrive64 cart with purple screws. Special edition gold back label marked EXPERIMENTAL with the subject’s code name. Also has purple edge connector.
Plastic case with gold inner label signifying that this is a cart given away in the Experimental Flash Cart give-a-way signed by the owner of Stone Age Gamer.

Auction Here

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