In this post I’ll be sharing a few Famicom games.  Here we have Mother for the Famicom.  It wasn’t released outside of Japan, however a finished USA prototype was found entitled Earthbound.  Here is an original copy of Mother complete with all the inserts as well as a strategy guide.  Of course, you will need to know a bit of Japanese to play it, but if you’re an Earthbound/Mother fan, here’s an item you can add to your collection.


Famicom Mother CIB with Map & Strategy Guide



Time Zone CIB signed by creator – Quirky, yet fun game.  Signed by the original creator!

Final Mission/SCAT Famicom Prototype – Fairly cheap prototype of an excellent SHMUP.

Sansuu 5 & 6 Nen Keisan Famicom Prototype –

Banana Famicom Prototype – Low price

Puss N Boots Famicom Prototype – Low price

Temple Del Sol Famicom Prototype – Released as Tombs and Treasures outside of Japan.

Family School for Famicom – This was a limited promotional game given to Daiichi Life Insurance Corp. customers.

Fresh box full of 20 NIB copies of Lode Runner for Famicom – In original shipping box.

Super Pro Fighter Q for Super Famicom – A backup unit released in 1993 for the SNES. It essentially saved ROM files to a 3.5″ diskette.

Famicom Wars Promo VHS – A promotional VHS for the war simulation game Famicom Wars.



Recently Ended:

Bird Week prototype for Famicom

Goal Moero Pro Soccer prototype for Famicom

Tri Star Super 8 – Allows you to play NES and Famicom games on a Super Nintendo.

Famicom Kousen Juu Western Zapper – I thought you couldn’t sell weapons on eBay… OH, that’s a kid’s toy? Comes with a holster belt too (which I assume isn’t original, though it says made in japan)

Famicom Game Carrying Case







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