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Nintendo NES M8 M-8 display

A well-known piece of equipment for fellow gamesnipers, but still always worth mentioning is the Nintendo M8 kiosk. I remember playing on these in Sears as a kid against my little brother and getting mad at him for constantly resetting it.

I’ve seen these sell well over $2000, so being well-priced, it won’t stay around for long. Also, it’s not near sun-stained as most others, which tips the scale even more for collectors.

From the auction:

M-8 demo display unit in excellent condition with two pads and a gun. This is the “popeye unit”. Everything works just as it should. No major flaws mar this unit, though you will see some minor scratching here and there. There is a small stain spot at the tip of the gun. I had to angle the camera just right to show it, but it cannot be removed. I don’t know what caused it. It could use a good cleaning to make it “display ready”. Has great color and undamaged cords.Â


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