Signed Game Boy Light – Game Circus ’98 Famitsu F-02 Edition

This item is truly a piece of history. To celebrate its 500th issue, Famitsu created the special “F-02” model Game Boy Light, which could be obtained one of two ways. A mail order model came in a rather bland package, marked as an F-02 “Skeleton” model. The second “event” model, shown here, was distributed at an event known as Game Circus, held on (according to this package) August 26, 1998 in Tokyo’s famous Akihabara district. While only 5,000 of these units were produced, it’s the signatures on this unopened package that make it one-of-a-kind. While age has made some of them hard to read, a few that could be made out by the owner are “Miki Watanabe” and “Paxel” – take those as you will.

The price on this item is incredibly high, but there’s just too little documentation on the this particular model of Game Boy Light to tell how much it’s actually worth. Combine that with the signatures, and I still think it’s worthy of a headline.

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