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Famitsu Exclusive Model Game Boy Light Skeleton


It’s been like three years since I’ve seen one of these. I can’t remember what it sold for to be honest, but it was far from cheap. I’m thinking $400 or so.

Anyways these were released for the celebration of the 500th issue of Famisu (Japanese video game magazine) and were limited to 5,000 units. Each one is individually numbered. There is also an mail order only version, which while not being numbered, comes in a sweet black case. You have to love the art on this blister case though.


Nintendo Game and Watch Super Mario Bros Special Edition

These were given out to the winners of the Famicom F-1 Grand Prix tournament in Japan. Only 10,000 units of this version were produced and it was never available for retail sale, making it one of the rarest of all Game & Watch games. The nifty looking plastic box is actually modeled after the Disk-kun character Nintendo used to advertise their Famicom Disk System.

Sealed XBOX 360 Blood Bowl Promotional Copy – Seller has more new 360 promotional games too, including Blacksite (under $10.00), Divinity 2, Metro 2033 and MX VS AT. They also have some Sony PS3 / PSP promo copies, with Wheelman , Ironman 2 and Hot Brain (PSP).

Large Game Boy Pokemon Collection

All of the above are courtesy of ShovelThumb. Thanks!


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