gameSniped Day 5 Entries – Get Creative

Entries for day five close today. There’s still time to enter!

Simply create a T-Shirt or alternative logo for gameSniped! Use your l33t photoshop skills or even scan in a doodle you made on a napkin. Best overall design wins, but well have a prize for the most original, interesting or creative design as well. Let your imagination run wild with this one.

Winner gets two T-Shirts of their choice from Split Reason – the best site for video game themed Tees! Second prize gets their choice of one.

Simply send you images to Below are the entries so far. If you have sent an entry already, but it not below, I have not received it!

If you haven’t entered yet get cracking! Right now if you entered, you’d stand a 40% chance of winning!

gamesnipped 001



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