gameSniped Day 6 Entries – Get Organized

Entries for day six close today. There’s still time to enter!

Do you have a big video game collection? Or even a small one? Is it jumbled around everywhere? Hard to find stuff? Disorganized? Well than maybe a copy of the Game Collector Software is for you!

I’m going to help you out by giving a copy away. Also, you’ll get a Lifetime Subscription to Chase The Chuckwagon.

Simply take a picture of your horribly organized collection and email it to Get creative with this. Bury your dog, fill your truck with Combat carts, whatever suits your fancy.

If you haven’t entered yet get cracking! Right now if you entered, you’d stand a 10% chance of winning! We even had a few hopefuls with their organized collection instead.

Below are the entries so far, if you’re not there, than I never received it.

Alex Kraus
Otto Hanson

Or, If you’d prefer to vote for someone who already has an organized collection.



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