Genesis Blockbuster Game Factory, Atari PROsystem Nolan Bushnell Signature

3 Sega Genesis Blockbuster Game Factory

That’s soo funny! You knew I was going to spot that 😀

Anyway, these are rated R4 on Digital Press. I truly think that the Rarity Guide must be updated.
Just think about this: I’ve found mine about 2 years ago. I didn’t spot other Game Factory carts on the Bay since that auction.

In my opinion these must be considered an R9. R8s pop up much more frequently!!!

Anyway, the Game Factory carts (blue and green, never ever seen a red one) were used like flash carts for renting games in Blockbuster shops. Just like the Nintendo Power in Japan.

Atari 7800 Signature Series Prototype Console

This is one of 10 to 20 prototype grey Atari 7800 units featuring the “Nolan Bushnell” signature, “ProSystem” in the center with “Signature Series” on the right. There is no Atari Logo on the front, but it is featured in the bottom of the case.
This system was never mass produced and very few of these 7800’s were ever offered. This system features the pro-production plastic housing that is only held together by front screws.
Beware, it’s a recent release.

Dreamcast alarm clock – UK launch promo item

Nice design!

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