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Glover N64 – Community Dump

Community dumps rank up there with game grading and reproductions of rare licensed games in terms of controversy. Basically, some people hate them intensely, some people love them, but in reality the majority of gamers could care less either way.

Personally, I’m only really interested for the most part if it’s a complete, final and totally unreleased game. These days however, those types of game are most likely to see a reproduction than a dump.

The dump in question right now is for an early copy of the N64 game Glover, when it was actually known as Whak ‘n’ Roll. It has a lot of differences, but still it’s Glover – not something I see getting the asked $400 in donations. The dump dosen’t seem to have much interest so far either, only a measly $10 has been contributed.

Check the post on assembler if you’re interested. (Thanks SubDrag)


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