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Hail to you, oh StarFox Statue


    This ‘life size’ StarFox Statue (if this really is lifesize, Mr. McCloud is eligible for handicap parking) is one nifty item to have in your collection and perfect for either a nice display piece in the corner of a gameroom or an awesome conversation starter and chick magnet. Just imagine being at the bar…a beautiful woman walks in and sits down right next to you. You turn towards her and your eyes lock for a moment as she quickly looks away with a shy smile and plays teasingly with her hair. You clear your throat to get her attention and that’s when you offer the line ‘Hey baby, want to come back to my place check out my Fox McCloud? He’s 3 1/2 ft tall and ready to blast you off into space!’ …………okay, so maybe it won’t get you a date, but at least you’ll still have Fox!
    I had one of these once upon a time and thought it was great, but I just didn’t have the room to display it. They were used at some conventions, but were also available for sale to retail stores in the same fashion as the more abundant Mario Statues. Just to clear things up as the title says 3’7″ and the description says 4’7″–it is not over 4 ft. These pop up pretty infrequently and I know for sure I haven’t seen more than 10 of these Statues pop up in the last 5 or 6 years on ebay or elsewhere. It’s also quite rare for a seller to be offering shipping for this–it is light but due to the size it tends to be a pickup only item.

This seller has some very nice Nintendo merch items from the late 80’s. Mini statues, hand held pinballs, a bop bag and more, still in the original packaging!
Donkey Kong Rub N Play Transfer Set: Dirty name, nifty item!
Legend of Zelda Table Mat: Damaged, but I’ve seen them go for more in worse shape from time to time.
Nintendo 64 Presents WWF Ticket:Â If you’re looking for something very oddball to put in your collection that is video game related, look no further.
Genesis & SNES Store Poster: Some bad games on display here!

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