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Halo USB Flash Drive

I have had these guys on my watch list for quite some time, figured it is about time I plugged them. Not much to say about them, anything that makes Halo cute is odd enough to be mentioned.

Halo USB Flash Drive mimobot

Halo mimobot Series 1 is set to debut at the E for All Expo in Los Angeles on October 18th and will be available in three limited-edition colors: Master Chief Green, Red Spartan and Blue Spartan. And by limited-edition I do mean limited, as there will only be 5,00 Master Chief Green models and 3,000 each of the Red and Blue Spartan models to go around. The USB 2.0 drives will come in three capacities — 1GB ($49.95), 2GB ($69.95) and 4GB ($109.95) — and will be fully compatible with PC, Mac and Xbox 360. If that wasn’t enough to wet your Halo-craving appetite, each flash drive will also come pre-loaded with Halo-related goodies, including wallpapers, screensavers, excerpts from the Halo 3 strategy guide and upcoming Halo novel, an exclusive episode from the in-game talk show “This Spartan Life” and more.


Blue PACMAN Tie Tack РWhile I neither own, nor need a Tie Tack, I̬m still tempted to buy this little guy.

Blue PACMAN Tie Tack

CDi Zelda: Link The Faces of Evil Promo Copy – Relisted.

4 Gameboy Colour Prototypes – WDL Thundertanks, Games Frenzy, Army Men 2, Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes 2

Lastly, the seller retroboundNicola mentioned yesterday has more than just some Playstation 1 Samples. A HES Uniadaptor, NFR Demos for a variety of systems and several White Label SNES Games.


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