Rare PS3 inFamous Press Kit Booklet

Can anyone explain to me why this is so expensive? Is the comic art possibly attracting some sort of collector from that hobby?

This is an auction for an ultra RARE inFamous the video game for PS3 Press Kit Booklet. The game itself is NOT included. It’s for the booklet only.

The press exclusive booklet features 40 beautiful, highly detailed full-color pages of information about the game. The booklet is filled with artwork, background about characters, and Empire City. It looks more like a comic book than anything else.

You cannot buy this in stores. This item was given out to press/media only as a promotional item that came along with the game.

Seller also has a similar booklet for Resident Evil 5 which is also pricey, but not quite so expensive (yet).



This seller has some interesting NES and Genesis posters.

This seller has a good 75 Sega Dreamcast GDRs.

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