Need an Aladdin Deck Enhancer?

If you don’t know what these are, they are a device that you can plug into an original Nintendo and contained a bypass chip to get around the lockout chip the system contained. With this hardware in the deck, you could then insert a much smaller cartridge containing a game into the Aladdin Deck Enhancer.

The idea was to provide a cheaper way with which to make the game cartridges, mainly due to the fact that each cartridge requires its own lock-out chip, RAM and extra circuitry. Camerica was one of the major distributors of unlicensed NES games, so the Deck Enhancer was a logical creation for them. Also, since the slot for the actual game was much smaller, less material was needed to produce a cartridge. However by the time the product was released, both the SNES and Genesis were already on the market and the product never gained a large audience. Camerica never recuperated from the release and shortly after, was forced to close down.

This game was once thought to be much rarer, but several years ago most of the old stock was discovered, making the game readily available.

If you want one, you could get one here with all the released games as well.

Alternatively, you could buy a pallet of 600.

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