Holy Grails Today

Today you’ll be pleased by the quality of the items featured.
If you buy them all, you’ll break a new record.

Do you remember this article with the 10 most expensive video games ever?
Here you have number 6

…won by Mike Larossi in New Jersey, 18 and over category.

Included in the auction something maybe rarer:
a promotional newspaper given during the event!

It’s not over yet. Get ready.

Number 2: Nintendo Powerfest ’94 Competition “cart”

I currently own the only know copy of the PowerFest ’94 Competition Super Nintendo (SNES). The rest of them were disassembled and used for parts by Nintendo of America. I was lucky enough to buy it from jollyrancher (Jollerancher)Â who found it at the garage sale of someone who used to work for Nintendo. That employee verified that this was the only one left in existence. … It has a cord that goes out the back so it can network with up to 8 other games and it displays everyone’s score on a separate monitor and is set up with a timer that stops all the games after 6 min.
The games on it are:
1. Level 1-1 of Super Mario Lost Levels
2. 5 laps of 1st track on Super Mario Kart
3. Finally, Ken Griffy Jr. Home run derby where all the real points come from by hitting home runs.

And the cart is not alone:

I actually think it’s worth all the money the seller is asking.

But he has something more for sale. Get ready for the second time.

Now that you’ve seen some of the top grails in the world…
what about an exotic prototype?

Chrono Trigger SNES, different than the released version

Some of the most impressive Nintendo auctions ever.

Do you want to check the prices?

Here is the link.

Let’s move on. It’s not finished yet.


This is a go yoshi super mario world skateboard.It is a official nintendo licensed product.It was made in 1994 by sport fun inc

NIB XBOX 360 Premium signed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, included Blue Dragon signed by Hironobu Sakaguchi and Nobuo Uematsu

ATARI Corporate Asset Tag unused

An original, unused Atari corporate asset tag. These were tags placed on company-owned equipment of substantial value to be tracked in their financial systems as assets that are depreciated over 5 or more years. Every company has them, and these were the ones Atari Inc. used in the early 1980’s. The asset number would simply be hand-written onto the laminated orange-yellow tag with a permanent marker.

Who was looking for a GTA IV limited edition Xbox 360?

1/5 Canadian Limited Edition Xbox 360 GTA4 Console

This is the real deal as only 5 of these were given out in Canada at the Best Buy Launch. Ours was won from the Burnaby Best Buy Launch on Kingsway. The winning number of that night was no.9 and I will include that tag as well.

Other two LEs:
Limited Edition Grand Theft Auto IV XBox 360 Elite

Other stuff:
Guilty Gear Isuka BETA disc
XBOX Alpha development computer case

What a day!

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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