It’s Dr. Mario Poncho Time!

This Dr. Mario Poncho that is currently up for auction on NintendoAGE (Ends May 8th at 10PM) just screams awesomeness as there doesn’t seem to be very much merchandise out there for this game. Even though it is still sealed, I would be very tempted to bust this out of the packaging and wear it around during a rain storm if it wasn’t so small – the label says it fits kids up to 12 years of age. 🙁

Not For Resale Street Fighter 2: I’m pretty sure this is one of the rarest NFR carts for the SNES.
NES AC Adapters: These are rare as heck to find in this packaging. They were only sold at Nintendo’s Authorized Service Centers.
Mario Kid Shoes: The tags are still attached, woo!

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