June 2008 Roundup

This is a new little feature I’m going to try, and will continue if it goes over well.

What I’m  going to do is feature a few things that were on my watch list, but didn’t make it to the site for one reason or another. This is an excellent opportunity to see what is selling, and if you’re like me you’ll be surprised at the prices for quite a few items.

Atari 7800 Cuttle Cart 2 – $405.00

Entex Electronics Select A Game – $820.00

GBA SP Donkey Kong LE JP – $220.00

Gamecube Action Replay – $162.50 – Can anyone explain the price on this one?

Half-Life 2 Raising The Bar LE Book (Sealed) – $115

Intellivision Worm Whompers Patch – $99.95

PC Diablo II Collectors Edition Sealed – $267.00

PC Wing Commander The Kilrathi Saga Complete – $175.00

PS2 Sealed Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance – $430.00

PS2 Singstar Console Bundle – $155.50

Rockstar Manhunt Piggy Statue – $280.00

Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater Standee – $152.50

N64 Sealed Zelda Ocarina of Time – $399.99

NES Chubby Cherub Complete – $479.44

NES Sara Parker’s Pool Challenge SE – $176.12

NES Sealed Donkey Kong Classics – $250.00

NES Sealed Legend  Of Zelda – $455.50

NES Sealed Mike Tyson Punchout – $650.00

Play Meter Magazine Lot Of 22 – $200.01

Playstation 1 900 Game Lot – Unsold

SNES Pal Pro Action Replay – $132.50

starfox super weekend snesSNES Starfox Super Weekend Promo Lot – $152.50 
Here it is!! The greatest Starfox Weekend Competition collection ever!! Way back when I hosted the Starfox Weekend Competion at my local toystore and I put away everything I could get my hands. However, if you are looking for the actual cartridge you will not find that in this auction, rather some very rare SNES collectibles (see the full list below). This lot contains everything from a cassette tape containing the original Radio Spot they used to promote the competion to the actual keys to the kiosk that housed the SNES system and game!

Ultima III & 4 Mail Order Hint Books – $88.00

World Of Warcraft Spectral Tiger Loot Card –  $1.086.82!

XBOX 2005 Canadian Holiday Bundle Sealed – $180.00

Oh. and one last thing: Happy Canada Day!


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