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Limited Edition Spanish 6 Kings Gold XBOX 360

To be honest, I have absolutely no idea about the contest details, nor what it was given away for. The Official Contest Page is here (in Spanish). Even after reading this forum post (translated) I have no idea what game was part of this contest, or if it was just a Microsoft Promo.

I managed to find one post elsewhere that said this:

In this new campaign you will be able to take part in the drawing of a Xbox 360 with a subscription that will allow you to unload games free for this platform of for life and also they pay also a few holidays to you to London (with all the full expenses) so that you could know the studies Rare.

You can contact the seller (who is selling it for a friend), on the NA Forum here.

Pretty sure this was a regional contest, as all the info I can find is in Spanish.

After translating a ton if info, it seems like they gave out six of these consoles, each with a XBOX Gold Subscription for life (10 years) and Microsoft Points for life (50,000 points every year). Also the winner(s) won a trip to the Rare Studios in London.

The press release confuses me too:


More in a million people they have participated in this successful campaign,
looking for with illusion the appraised treasure more of Xboxâ„¢ 360

The names are already known the Six Kings who have managed to raise the crown of the victory in a unique competition that has taken the illusion to the world of Xbox 360. The six winners will be able, as of this week, to exhibit in their room of trophies the majestic and unique Xbox 360â„¢ Sea bream that credits to them like authentic kings in the universe Xbox 360. In addition, they will free have a subscription to the service of entertainment online Xbox LIVE GOLD and unloadings of games and films through Xbox LIVE for all the life. In addition, they will be able to visit – and to receive honors of high dignitaries – another singular kingdom of fantasy: the Studies of Rare in Londres*.

These Kings have won in a contest in which he has participated more in a million people who have competed to surpass all type of tests in each one of the 6 Kingdoms: The Feudo of the Voice, the Earth of the Mirror, the Strength of the Right ones, the Winged Kingdom, the Paradise of the Letters and the Ocean of the Friendship.

Xbox 360 created this innovating campaign during the Christmas campaign, with the aim of fomenting the participation of the community player and of its manifolds fans in Spain. Through the Web, the users have created their own “virtual kingdom” and have asked for the aid of their better friendly having used channels like Messenger, Twitter, Facebook or the own electronic mail. Whatever more friendly would manage to summon each king to form their retinue, their possibilities of victory would increase.

The 6 Kings who have received with all the honors their prizes have been:

* The Strength of the Right ones: Alberto Goatherd Rodriguez
* The Ocean of the Friendship: David the Ten Garci’as
* The Winged Kingdom: Enrique Gutiérrez Castrillo
* The Kingdom of the Voice: Carlos Pine Twig
* The Paradise of the Letters: Veronica Baz
* The Kingdom of the Mirror: Rubén Canto

The action has counted in addition with the collaboration to MSN, Tele 5, the 40 Main ones, the newspaper the World, and the chain of stores GAME that have collaborated in extending the illusion to the greater number of users.

The word gambing throws me off, but that may have been a gaming mis-translation. I’m guessing this was some sort of referral contest as well? Maybe gaining more entires.

Whatever the exact details, it’s a very cool and very rare system.

Please weigh in in the comments if you know more!

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