Timetop Gameking Handhelds

Lots of folks mistake these for either Emulators or Game N Watch style technology. However, the Gameking is actually the first (legitimate) original chinese handheld. It featured tons of unlicensed ports of  classic 8 bit era games: Martio, Contra, Mega Man, Moon Patrol, Batman, and even Silver Surfer.
The company released six different models of Gameking’s between 2003 and 2007, with the “GK3” models gm-221 and gm-222 being the rarest. They were advertized in the west as coming soon, but then were quietly released only in asia, and only for a limited time. Â According to the seller, a Timetop rep told him that they were more expensive to produce, so they were only produced for a brief time.
There’s about sixty plus games in the Gameking library, most which were released in Gameboy style ripoff 4 in 1 carts. The GK3 had a smaller library of around twelve games, on “short cart” GBA style cartridges. Â The older black and white games were also backwards compatable with the GK3, which has a color screen.
There’s only around four or five references online of collectors in the west who have a color Gameking, and almost all of them came from this seller.. He is exiting the hobby, and these are his last.
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