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Limited Edition XBOX 360 Crackdown 2 Console

We`ve seen one of these listed several times at a huge bin, but now we finally have a listing for this Limited Edition 360 at open auction! There were five of these given out in a contest from Dub Magazine. Grand prize was actually a customized Ford Mustang, but these consoles were given out as well. The seller also has around 25 assorted Faceplates for sale – some rather rare ones too.

Auction Here


Nintendo Vs. Unisystem CPU, Rom and Security Chip Lot
Mega Man 9 Press Kit – Still holding its value.
Atari 2600 ET Standee – Probally rarer than the game.
1989 Nintendo Super Mario Bros 2 Video Game Glass Jar – I had this as a kid. I broke it. =(

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